Thunderbolts: Formation of the New Thunderbolts

Formation of the New Thunderbolts (2004/12/00)

There is a period of about two months between the disassembly of Zemo's team and the founding of the New Thunderbolts. During this time, Helmut Zemo becomes more adept at accessing the power of the moonstones. When he becomes aware of a possible future threat to the planet, Zemo recruits Songbird to help him work behind the scenes to prepare the team for the upcoming conflict. The two begin a secret romance. Zemo also recruits The Purple Man, who brings Andreas Strucker under his thrall and begins Strucker's transformation into the new Swordsman.

Chen Lu has returned to the service of his government. He is currently in Manhattan along with his "handler", the Chinese ambassador to the U.N.

Abner Jenkins begins assembling a new team and develops the MACH-IV armor. He secures funding from an unscrupulous source, and sets up a headquarters -- or hideout -- in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Erik Josten and Dallas Riordan split up. Dallas takes a job with the "Division of Superhuman Operations" of the Homeland Security Agency. Erik remains depowered and comes to work for the New Thunderbolts as a handyman.

Melissa Gold sees some solo action as Songbird, including battles against Klaw and the Scorpion. She enrolls in college and waits for Abe to recruit her so that she can act as Zemo's mole.

Genis-Vell is tired of the burden of being "Captain Marvel." He feels a need to atone for the mistakes that trying to live up to that legacy has caused him to make. He keeps "one eye on the entire universe," and the other on Earth -- and Melissa -- waiting for his opportunity.

Donny Gill wants to fix his life before it's too late. He becomes the first recruit for Abe's New Thunderbolts.

James Sanders continues his criminal career, and comes into the employ of Wolfgang von Strucker.

Janice Olivia Yanizeski returns to playing a revived version of the Great Game.


The status of the New Warriors is fuzzy at this point. The team continues to appear from time-to-time, despite rumors that the funding Taylor Foundation is bankrupt. Through various iterations of the team, Robbie Baldwin continues to be a mainstay on the roster.

Clint Barton and Charlie Burlingame are presumed dead.

The man known as Bullseye continues his career as a highly-paid assassin.

Mac Gargan is on the loose and up to his neck in the byzantine schemes of Norman Osborn, who remains in prison -- but not for long!

Donald Joshua Clendenon, Pierre Fresson and Sam Smithers remain in prison.

It's a fair bet that Sybil Dvorak is in Europe, running "sex clubs" for her own amusement.

P. Norbert Ebersol remains on the loose, and will soon return to work for Zemo.

Conrad Josten remains trapped in the Darkforce Dimension.

Karla Sofen remains in hospital care.

The Ogre remains in deep space, hiding out with Humus Sapien. Hallie Takahama is on Counter-Earth, working with the Young Allies.

Kyle Richmond continues his unremarkable solo career, and from time-to-time teams up with various combinations of Defenders.

Katrina Luisa Van Horn concludes her career with Axum's super-boxing organization, abandons her armor and returns to working for-hire.

John Watkins III continues his work with the V-Battalion.

"One Step Forward", New Thunderbolts 1 2005/01/01
"A Shock to the System", New Thunderbolts 8 2005/07/01
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Flashback from "Why Ask Why?", Thunderbolts 101 2006/05/01

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