Thunderbolts: Does Anyone Rember--Humus Sapien!? HS-1 busts loose, from Thunderbolts 54

"Cat & Mouse" Thunderbolts 54 (September 2001)
"Does Anyone Remember -- Humus Sapien!?" Thunderbolts 55 (October 2001)

Reader Rating: Average

Summary: The Fixer discovers the Ogre’s trans-spacial hiding place and triggers the release of the HS-1, a mutant called Humus Sapien. HS’ overwhelming power allows him to draw on human life energy in defense of Mother Earth. When he realizes how many lives he is taking, HS asks the Redeemers’ help in escaping Earth. 

In developing subplots: Captain America turns the Redeemers over to Citizen V/Zemo; Dallas receives another spectral visit from Erik, and visits with the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man to learn more; Melissa toys with her new power; Abe is seen working with the Burton Canyon police; Mentallo arranges for Plantman, Cottonmouth and Headlok to join Hawkeye in preparation for his break-out; and Moonstone looks on while Graviton prepares to strike.  A little more background is provided for the Redeemers: Leila Davis; Meteorite; Smuggler (Conrad Josten) and Scream.

Continuity: The long-standing mystery of the third cryotube is resolved. Ogre flees Earth with Humus Sapien.

Comments: The first installment is riveting, including Zemo’s hilariously dark fantasy of slaying Captain America, and the Fixer’s exciting game of “Cat & Mouse” with Ogre. But, squeezed into a single issue, the Humus Sapien plot is resolved too simply and fails to involve any of the major characters. The creator of Humus Sapien, winner of the FOOM create-a-villain contest from 1973, gets his long-belated due. The ending gives us a satisfying departure for Ogre, and finally brings Graviton to the fore. Oh, and the Arabian Knight drops dead in a single, uncommented panel.

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