Thunderbolts: The Pursuit of Justice Redeemers Resemble! from Thunderbolts 52

"New Beginnings" Thunderbolts 51 (June 2001)
"The Pursuit of Justice" Thunderbolts 52 (July 2001)

Reader Rating: Average

Unenroll Call: Charcoal, The Fixer, Hawkeye, Jolt, MACH-2, Moonstone, Songbird

Summary: Captain America leads The Redeemers to Latveria on a diplomatic mission.  In a political tit-for-tat, Dr. Doom agrees to release Dallas Riordan if Cap will stop the eco-terrorist who threatens his kingdom: the female Bucky from Counter-Earth.  Meanwhile, in the “normal” world: Abe gets a job; Melissa succumbs to temptation; Clint, in prison, gets a visit from Dum Dum Dugan; and Karla gets an offer from Graviton.

Dallas receives a dream-visit from Erik. Counter-Earth’s Rebel works with Doom, and Bucky is aided by the Young Allies, particularly Toro and I.Q.  The Redeemers are The Beetle, Charcoal, The Fixer, Jolt, Meteorite, Scream and the Smuggler.  Roger Aubrey and the V-Battalion appear briefly.

Continuity: During the battle in Latveria, Jolt spots the Crimson Cowl’s HQ and wonders “if it’s one of Silver Sable’s bases.” The cloaked figure who rescued Graviton at the end of "Uh-Oh!" (1999/06/01) is revealed.

Comments: The Redeemer-Bolts get plenty of action, but the civilian ‘Bolts get short shrift.  The story in itself is interesting and well executed, but it is good Captain America or Young Allies story, not a Thunderbolts story.

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