Thunderbolts: Castles in the Air Thunderbolts 30

"Flight Plans" Thunderbolts 27 (June 1999)
"Castles in the Air" Thunderbolts 28 (July 1999)
"The Fundamental Force" Thunderbolts 29 (August 1999)
"Uh-Oh!" Thunderbolts 30 (September 1999)

Reader Rating: Above Average

Roll Call: Atlas, Charcoal, Hawkeye, Jolt, Moonstone, Songbird

Summary: Archangel hooks up with the Thunderbolts when they try to stop Graviton, who has set himself up as king of a flying, independent country. Machine Man (X-51) has an amusing guest appearance.

Along the way, Erik witnesses Dallas being broken out of prison by uniformed soldiers, then discovers Man-Killer working at a nearby bar and glimpses Techno, in human form, on the street; Hallie and Charcoal return to school, where Charlie is abducted by the Imperial forces; Moonstone dreams of a strange warrior woman and gets physical with Hawkeye; Abe is taken from prison to meet with Henry Gyrich; Citizen V seeks the Crimson Cowl. U.S. Agent and The Jury (Bomblast, Firearm, Ramshot, Wysper) appear briefly.

Continuity: The Ogre appears in one panel, in the shadows of Thunderbolts HQ. Defeated, Graviton falls into the clutches of a mysterious cloaked figure, whose identity will be revealed in "The Pursuit of Justice" (2001/06/01). Man-Killer begins her stint as "Wilma" the bartender.

Comments: The battle is exciting, and Jolt shows ingenuity and initiative. Archangelís appearance seems pointless, but it does mark the T-Boltsí first meeting with an X-Man.

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