Thunderbolts: A More Perfect Union Actually, that's FIVE to go - Songbird is missing from the cover of Thunderbolts 31

"A More Perfect Union" Thunderbolts 31 (October 1999)
"Blood Sports" Thunderbolts 32 (November 1999)

Reader Rating: Average

Roll Call: Atlas, Charcoal, Hawkeye, Jolt, Moonstone, Songbird

Summary: On the trail of the abducted Charcoal, the Thunderbolts stumble into the latest incarnation of the Secret Empire (a.k.a. The Elite, The Imperial Forces, and The Royalist Forces of America). Captured, the T-Bolts are forced to entertain the masses by battling in the Empire’s arena against The Brute Force. Citizen V gets involved, along with U.S. Agent and the Jury (Bomblast, Firearm, Ramshot, Wysper). Baron Zemo makes a brief appearance. The Bruce Force are Fieldstone, Fizgig, Hoarfrost, Hoopsnake, Ingot, Loblolly, Scarum, Watchfire.

Comments: The least of Kurt Busiek's T-Bolts adventures. He seems to be simultaneously winding up his plotlines and running out of steam.

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