Thunderbolts: Lockdown

Thunderbolts 26

"Lockdown" (1999/05/01) from Thunderbolts 26 (May 1999)

Reader Rating: Above Average; Thunderbolts Interest: High

Summary: MACH-1 takes the spotlight when Justin Hammer uses the Rhino to lead a jailbreak from Seagate Prison. Hammer wants Abe to go along, but Abe follows his noble new instincts to squelch the uprising. The Thunderbolts appear only briefly, with dialogue for Hawkeye and Songbird, and silent walk-ons for Atlas, Charcoal and Jolt. The imprisoned villains include Blizzard, Boomerang, the Human Cannonball, Mentallo, Plantman and Whirlwind

Continuity: The T-Bolts take possession of Mt. Charteris. The government makes plans for Abe, against the objections of Henry Gyrich. Blizzard and Plantman take part in a failed prison break attempt. While there is no supporting evidence for the supposition, it seems reasonable that Justin Hammer may have arranged for Blizzard's arrest in order to put him in place for his part in the breakout.

Comments: A striking and moody fill-in story from Joe Casey and Leonardo Manco. Too much of this shadowy, dreary stuff would grow tiresome, but as a one-shot it captures the mood of Abe in prison. And we’ll forgive the artistic license in the cover drawing that puts MACH-1, Boomerang and Whirlwind in their costumes.

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