Thunderbolts: The Eye of the Storm Thunderbolts 25

"The Eye of the Storm" Thunderbolts 24 (March 1999)
"Saving the World!" Thunderbolts 25 (April 1999)

Reader Rating: Average; Thunderbolts Interest: High

Roll Call: Atlas, Charcoal, Hawkeye, Jolt, Moonstone, Songbird

Summary: The Crimson Cowl’s infernal device – a weather machine – threatens all the Earth. The T-Bolts are in place to stop her, but only if they can wade through her army of twenty-five super-villains!

Charlie recalls his early days with the Imperial Forces. Karla reflects on her childhood growing up as the daughter of a butler.

Masters of Evil: Aqueduct, Bison, Blackwing, Boomerang, Cardinal, Constrictor, Cyclone, The Crimson Cowl, Dragonfly, Eel, Flying Tiger, Icemaster, Joystick, Klaw, Lodestone, Man-Ape, Man-Killer, Quicksand, Scorcher, Shatterfist, Shockwave, Slyde, Supercharger, Sunstroke, Tiger Shark. Cameo appearances from Big Hero Six (Baymax, the Silver Samurai), The Great Lakes Avengers (Dinah Soar, Doorman, Flatman, Mr. Immortal), The New Warriors (Night Thrasher, Nova, Turbo), The Scarlet Witch, Thor, Union Jack, the Winter Guard (Darkstar, Steel Guardian), X-Force (Proudstar),

Continuity: Hawkeye meets Citizen V, a mysterious benefactor provides unexpected assistance within Mt. Charteris, and the Crimson Cowl is revealed to be Dallas Riordan. (How that came to happen is explained through flashbacks in "The Nefaria Protocols", 2000/09/01). Cardinal explains that, since his attempts to be a do-gooder nearly got him killed, he is now looking out for himself; he is one of many Masters sent to Seagate Prison. Joystick says she is looking to rebuild her "cash stash" after "the bath" she took in the Great Game; it is not clear if she is taken into custody or manages to slip away. Man-Killer and Cyclone have the sense to flee.

Speedball might be with the Warriors during their one-panel cameo, but he does not appear and is not directly referenced.

Comments: There are too many characters to really tell the story satisfactorily. For example Klaw, who has given the team fits in previous bouts, is barely visible here. But there are watershed events: Moonstone fights her own best instincts to save the world and the 'Bolts demonstrate that they are truly a team to contend with.

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