Thunderbolts: Scene from Stay Alive! Chen Lu looms while Tiberius Stone booms, from Wolverine 170

Scene from "Stay Alive!" (2002/01/01) from Wolverine 170 (January 2002)

Summary: Upset over the declining ratings of his Survivor-like TV show Stay Alive!, Tiberius Stone chews out a subordinate -- then has his bodyguard, Chen Lu, kill him.

Continuity: Page 1-3 and 13 only. Chen Lu's employment with Stone ends shortly after this scene, and he soon returns to the care of the Chinese government.

Comments: "Stay Alive!" is a three-part storyline by Frank Tieri pitting Wolverine against a superpowered, shape-shifting cannibal named Mauvais. This first installment is typically grotesque and plot-light. Happily, Stone and Chen Lu do not appear in the later segments, so I'm not obliged to read them.

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