Thunderbolts: Silent Scream Melissa's final dance with Angar, from Thunderbolts 59

"Silent Scream!" (2002/02/01) from Thunderbolts 59 (February 2002)

Reader Rating: Average

Summary: In the aftermath of the battle with Graviton, the sonic entity called Scream re-forms in the image of Angar the Screamer. Songbird, the sole remaining Thunderbolt, works with SHIELD to destroy the last vestiges of her former partner.

Flashbacks show the Fixer recovering Angar’s vocal chords for experimentation, and how the CSA brought Scream back to life.

The Fixer, Moonstone, Dallas (Atlas), Jolt and MACH-3 appear in a brief encounter with the Counter-Earth Thunderbolts: Heinrich Zemo, Chain Lightning, Iron Cross, Makeshift, the Phantom Eagle and Solarr.

Continuity: Songbird’s new, V-Battalion supplied carapace is destroyed, but not before SHIELD gets the schematics. Although not seen here, Helmut Zemo is along for the ride to Counter-Earth.

Comments: For the T-Bolts entry into Marvel’s silly “’Nuff Said” month, author Fabian Nicieza finesses the whole “silent” gimmick by working it satisfactorily into the storyline. Mark Bagley returns as artist to provide a melancholy, gritty interpretation of Melissa.

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