Thunderbolts: Heroes Return Not your son's Thunderbolts, from #60

"Heroes Return" (2002/03/01)
"Brave New World?" Thunderbolts 60 (March 2002)
"Living in a Vise"Thunderbolts 61 (April 2002)
"What Would the Mirror Say?" Thunderbolts 62 (May 2002)

Reader Rating: Excellent

Roll Call: Atlas/Dallas, Baron Zemo, the Fixer, Hawkeye, Jolt, MACH-III, Moonstone, Songbird

Summary: Five confused teammates awaken on Counter-Earth to encounter Baron Heinrich Zemo and his Thunderbolts! After negotiating their freedom, the team lays low, concocting a half-hearted plan to return to Earth by commandeering a rocket launch. But as they see the ravages that the people of Counter-Earth undergo, and discover the treachery planned by the Counter-Thunderbolts, the team determines that the people of this world also need heroes – and reluctantly step into the role. Heinrich’s Thunderbolts are Chain Lightning, Iron Cross, Makeshift, the Phantom Eagle, and Solarr.

Complicating matters: Helmut Zemo’s mind, separated from the body of Citizen V, lands in the Fixer’s tech-pack, and coerces Bert into helping him find a new host body.

On Earth, Hawkeye and the Chain Gang encounter a Guardsman with tragic results, leading SHIELD to put Songbird on their trail. The Chain Gang are Cottonmouth, Mentallo (in the body of Headlok) and Plantman. Dum Dum Dugan appears for SHIELD. John Watkins appears briefly with Roger Aubrey and the V-Battalion.

Continuity: Helmut explains in detail how he came to share John Watkins’ body.

Comments: An ingenious, often funny script, abetted by Zircher’s maturing art and subtle, expressive coloring from Hi-Fi.

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