Thunderbolts: Criminal Intent Songbird on the prowl from Thunderbolts 63

"Criminal Intent" (2002/06/01) from Thunderbolts 63 (June 2002)

Reader Rating: Above Average

Summary: Now on the SHIELD payroll, Songbird tracks the Chain Gang through her old criminal haunts. She catches up with them at a Canadian stronghold of the late Justin Hammer, where they come under attack by Cyclone, who is after the CD-ROM that contains “Hammer’s legacy.”

The Chain Gang are Cottonmouth, Hawkeye, Mentallo (in the body of Headlok), and Plantman.

In a vignette on Counter-Earth, Baron Zemo leads Atlas, Fixer, Jolt, MACH-III and Moonstone to Attilan, the abandoned stronghold of the Inhumans.

Continuity: Flashbacks provide more insight into Dum Dum’s recruitment of Hawkeye (from “The Pursuit of Justice”, 2001/06/01) and Hawkeye’s mission for SHIELD.

Comments: Patrick Zircher’s partnership with Al Vey hits its peak. The first half is in a moody film noir style, and the second half puts some thrust behind the long-delayed “Hammer’s legacy” storyline.

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