Thunderbolts: City of Hope Zemo faces off with his old teammates, from Thunderbolts 64

"City of Hope" (2002/07/01) from Thunderbolts 64 (July 2002)

Reader Rating: Above Average

Roll Call: Atlas/Dallas, Baron Zemo, The Fixer, Jolt, MACH-III, Moonstone

Summary: The displaced Thunderbolts confront the restored Baron Zemo on Counter-Earth. Zemo challenges them to rule the world in order to save it, and Dallas challenges Zemo to earn the team’s trust. The Thunderbolts inhabit Attilan, the abandoned flying stronghold of the Inhumans, and go to Tokyo to save its inhabitants from the mysterious cosmic energies that ravage the city. In doing so, they encounter a strange youth who is somehow involved with the anomaly.

The Crimson Cowl visits Cardinal at Seagate and invites him to join her reassembled Masters of Evil (Black Mamba, Cyclone, Gypsy Moth, Hydro-Man, Machinesmith and Man-Killer.)

Continuity: Flashbacks provide further details regarding Zemo’s survival after his beheading by Scourge (“V for Vexation!”, 2000/05/03). The Cowl reveals that Valerie Barnhardt (Meteorite of The Redeemers) was Cardinal's daughter, and suggests to Cardinal that Hawkeye was responsible for her death. She calls Clendenon "Don".

Comments: Zemo’s tricky transformation from a megalomaniac to a man of vision is handled delicately and convincingly. The Zircher/Vey art is again stunning. The only striking weakness is the approach to the scene with the anomaly grid, which is puzzlingly lacking in establishing images or text.

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