Thunderbolts: The Girl from Gamma Gamma Gamma Showdown with the Blizzard, from She-Hulk 1

"The Girl from Gamma Gamma Gamma" (2004/04/01) from She-Hulk 1 (April 2004)

Reader Rating: Above Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: She-Hulk helps the Avengers foil a plot by AIM, Modok, and the Blizzard, to freeze the world. But her personal life has gotten a little too colorful, and she is asked to leave the Mansion. When she tries to drown her sorrows at a nearby bar, Blizzard strikes again. He doesn't get revenge, exactly, but he and She-Hulk do end up as drinking buddies.

With speaking appearances from Captain America, Hercules, Iron Man, and the Wasp.

Continuity: Donny is back in a costume similar to his original one, but he creates ice with external gadgets. It looks like he can hold five, maybe six beers before he passes out and gets turned over to the cops. It's not hard to understand why, after this particularly humiliating defeat, he might finally be ready to try going straight.

Comments: Writer Dan Slott pulls off a real rarity: A superhero comedy that's actually funny. Blizzard gets more depth here than in any of his last half-dozen appearances.

One oddity: On the verge of defeat, Blizzard assumes he will be sent "back to The Vault." He's never been to the Vault and never would be, since without his costume he's just a normal, pathetic, two-bit would-be super-criminal.

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