Thunderbolts: Uninvited Guests Blizzard takes his usual beating and then is forced to eat a candy apple. Yeah, I don't know. From Agent X 6

"Uninvited Guests" (2003/02/02) from Agent X 6 (February 2003)

Reader Rating: Above Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Low

Summary: Okay, so. The plot, huh?

Okay. Well, near as I can make out, there's this corporation (unnamed in this issue) run by a chick named Saguri and a guy named Higashi. And they're trying to kill Agent X, who they think is Wade Wilson -- Deadpool -- because Deadpool killed the chick who used to run the place.

With me? Okay. So Agent X isn't Deadpool. "Different guy entirely," he says, "more or less." But the corporation is gunning for him anyway. So he teams up with the Taskmaster and a mutant cowgirl alternately called Outlaw and Crazy Inez and they attack the corporation's HQ in ... what appears to be an abandoned amusement park. Said attack begins with Agent X mooning the bad guys.

This is a villainous corporation in the Marvel Universe, so of course they have a bunch of hired costumed badguys to defend them. These include Blizzard, Constrictor, Rhino, the daughters of Batroc and the Tarantula, and -- I'm not sure, but I'll take a shot here -- Crossfire. (Get it? "Take a shot"? Crossfire? Man, I just crack me up.)

Continuity: *Whew*. Just glad I don't have to try to track Agent X's continuity here!

Blizzard, by comparison, is a piece of cake. He's out of prison once more, sprung either by Higashi & Co or by Justin Hammer. He could be on loan from Hammer, or moonlighting. Donny gets beat up in just a couple of panels and then isn't seen again. He remains on the loose.

Comments: Over the top and through the woods, this is wacky, wacko and borderline brilliant. Art by UDON, who make it look like a cartoon. Script by Gail Simone, who lays it out like a movie. I don't buy every setpiece, but the takedown of the Rhino is a classic and the dialogue is laugh-out-loud-in-a-crowded-McDonald's funny.

Yes, Batroc has a daughter, and she's even more ridiculous than he is.

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