Thunderbolts: Aftermath The ugly cover from Iron Man (V3) #41 -- and it doesn't get better inside. "Aftermath" (2001/06/03) from Iron Man (Volume 3) 41 (June 2001)

Reader Rating: Below Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: Tony Stark is down on his luck again, so he's happy for the distraction when Blizzard is sighted on Coney Island. Forced to battle in out-of-date armor, however, Iron Man has more than the usual trouble taking Donny down.

Continuity: Donny is again on the loose and on his own, wearing another new costume. He fights hard, but he might still be a little concussed from his last beating, because it's not really clear what he's trying to accomplish. The cops pick him up, yet again, when it's all over.

Comments: Wow, that's one dud of a comic. Writer Frank Tieri takes a whole bunch of trite plot elements and stirs them together into something that doesn't gel into much of a story. (Why is Blizzard attacking riders at Coney Island? How is it that everyone immediately recognizes that Iron Man's armor is outdated?) Tieri seems way more interested in the fantasy sequences of a supporting character than in the actual experiences of Stark. Artist Keron Grant, meanwhile, makes Iron Man as bendy and physically unimpressive as Mr. Fantastic.

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