Thunderbolts: And Then I Woke Up... Melissa, Genis, and baby makes three, from Captain Marvel 19

"Cheating Death" Captain Marvel 17 (May 2001)
"Who Let the Gods Out?" Captain Marvel 18 (June 2001)
"And Then I Woke Up..." Captain Marvel 19 (July 2001)

Reader Rating: Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: Walker, the demi-god of Death from an alien world, seeks out the true Mistress Death to destroy her. It happens that she has been hiding inside Rick Jones' wife, Marlo. Thanos calls on Thor and Captain Marvel to defend against Walker's attack.

In the ensuing battle, Walker "bends" time around Rick -- making him older and crippled. Thanos' "cure" causes Genis to experience his own future, moving progressively backwards. At Songbird’s grave Genis encounters a glowing-eyed marauder; on Titan he is on hand as Melissa gives birth to their second child, Ely; he battles The Magus (who is disguised as Starfox), then Moondragon and, finally, Rick himself.

Continuity: While these are events from Genis' future, he is experiencing them "now" so, for him, the adventure takes place in his current continuity. For Melissa, the story occurs in the far future, approximately concurrent with Genis' future-self from "Avengers Forever".

Comments: Jim Starlin's art brings a nostalgic touch to the first two chapters, and Crisscross does just fine in the time-hopping finale. But the comical tone blunts the serious edge of the plot and makes the effort seem lightweight. Songbird’s birth scene is laugh-out-loud funny.

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