Thunderbolts: Odyssey Songbird sleeps while Genis weeps, from Captain Marvel (volume 4) #24

"Odyssey" (2004/03/02)
"Interred With Their Bones" Captain Marvel 19 (March 2004)
"Terra Incognita" Captain Marvel 20 (April 2004)
"Munchhausen Syndrome" Captain Marvel 21 (May 2004)
"Second Coming" Captain Marvel 22 (June 2004)
"...Go the Spoils" Captain Marvel 23, 24 (July - August 2004)

Reader Rating: Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: Rick Jones' wife Marlo makes a sudden, impossible appearance at Captain Marvel's home base on Titan, moon of Saturn, and tries to kill Marvel. Deducing that she somehow came from the future, Marvel travels in time to find out what happened to her.

At one time or another, Genis encounters Ely (his son with Melissa) and his own future self. Songbird appears asleep in a single panel. Moondragon battles the Magus, and current-time Marlo falls under the care of Phyla.

Continuity: For Genis, this story launches from 2004. Melissa's cameo is set in a potential future.

Comments: A fairly standard time-travel story that falls into the standard time-travel conundrum. If Captain Marvel stops Marlo from going back in time to attack him, then there is no motive for him to go forward in time to save her in the first place. What is presented as Marvel causing the disastrous timeline to cease to be must actually be the creation of an alternate timeline. You'd think Marvel would know this, what with his cosmic awareness and all. It's all very slickly done, though, and occasionally quite funny.

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