Thunderbolts: Exit Strategy Things just keep getting weirder, from Captain Marvel (volume 4) #25

"Exit Strategy" (2004/09/02) from Captain Marvel 25 (September 2004)

Reader Rating: Bizarre; Thunderbolts Interest: High

Summary: A cosmic entity called Eulogy (member of the same "cosmic family" as Eternity, Entropy, Epiphany and, here, Expediency) arrives to wrap up all of Genis-Vell's loose ends.

With significant appearances from Moondragon, Phyla and Marlo.

Continuity: Genis-Vell and Rick are separated for good. Eulogy hints that, had the series survived, Genis-Vell and Songbird would have been married.

Comments: The finale to Genis' series is a flaky meta thumbing-of-the-nose from writer Peter David to...well, he seems to be pissed at pretty much everybody. It's pretty funny, and the angular Keith Giffen/Al Gordon art, which would normally be intolerable, is well-suited to the off-kilter tone. An appropriate finale to David's mind-tripping series.

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