Thunderbolts: Venomous Venom looms, from MK Spider-Man 8

"Venomous" from Marvel Knights Spider-Man 5 - 8 (2004)

Reader Rating: Above Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: Continuing the search for his long-missing Aunt May, Spider-Man begins to suspect Venom of the crime. Suddenly, a horde of old enemies turn up: the Enforcers, Hydro-Man, the Lizard, the Rhino, the Sandman and a weirdly drugged-out Dr. Octopus. Spidey then pays another visit to Ryker's Island to see the Green Goblin, who hints that he is in danger in prison.

Eddie Brock, diagnosed with terminal cancer, decides to auction off the Venom symbiote. It's bought by a punk gangster who gives Spider-Man a run for his money before proving too weak to remain Venom's host.

Spidey visits the Xavier Institute, where Rachel Summers' psychic abilities tell her that May is dead.

The Black Cat lends a claw. Among the villains who show up at the Venom auction: Mysterio, the Owl, Shocker and Speed Demon (in one panel -- don't blink!).

Continuity: Continues the adventure that began in "Down Among the Dead Men" (2004/06/01) and will conclude in "The Last Stand" (2005/03/01), where the mystery figure who abducted May will be revealed as Mac Gargan.

Sanders is back in the U.S.A. and recovered from the injuries incurred in his battle with Wolverine. What becomes of the symbiote? We'll find out in "The Last Stand".

Comments: See "The Last Stand" (2005/03/01).

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