Thunderbolts: No Good Deed... Battle of the Bozos, from New Warriors (Volume 2) #9

"No Good Deed..." (2000/06/01) from New Warriors (Volume 2) 9 (June 2000)

Reader Rating: Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: Blizzard goes it alone, gunning for an armored car, when Nova arrives to battle him. Donny holds off Nova long enough for the rest of the Warriors to show up. Then holds them off long enough for Iron Man to arrive and beat the snot out of him. And then, Iron Man -- who is in some sort of unexplained id-driven fugue state -- begins beating the snot out of the Warriors, too!

The New Warriors include Aegis, Bolt, Namorita, Speedball and Turbo

Continuity: Donny says that he is, "back in my old duds and working for myself!" Those aren't exactly his old duds -- they're purple and a little fringier than his original costume. And no doubt he's still planning to give a share of his takings to Justin Hammer, who is certainly responsible for getting him out of jail. Donny seems to be getting the hang of his powers, but that doesn't save him from being carted off by the cops.

Comments: So. Interesting concept. A super team comprised of selfish, egocentric teenagers who are only borderline competent. This is Blizzard, people, Blizzard! And he fights off Nova for a full fifteen minutes, then holds his own against a full squad of Warriors. I suppose "inept heroes" is a concept, but it sure doesn't jibe with the butt-kicking New Warriors we saw beating Cardinal every which way but loose a few years ago.

While Iron Man's weird behavior is not explained here, we are in fact witness to his "sensient armor" in action. A footnote points the reader to the current issue of IM's own mag (Volume 3 #29, if you're interested), but the point will also be established in Blizzard's next appearance.

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