Thunderbolts: The Cat Came Back! Songbird assembles with the A-Team, from Avengers 2000

"The Cat Came Back!" (2000/07/02) from Avengers 2000 (July 2000)

Reader Rating: Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: Back from apparent death, Patsy Walker returns to her home town to discover that she has new powers and that everyone in town has been possessed by demons! Captain America, Iron Man, Moondragon and the Scarlet Witch come to her aid, joined by Hawkeye and Songbird. The Sons of the Serpent and Salem's Seven are also on hand.

Continuity: Patsy mentions the T-Bolts in a flashback to her return from the dead (see "Under the Surface", 2000/05/01). Subconsciously aware that Songbird will someday become an Avenger (see "Avengers Forever ", 1998/12/01), Hawkeye brings her along to help Hellcat.

Comments: A bizarre story of the supernatural, with the second chapter drawn in Archie comics (or Patsy Walker comics) style a conceit that is either amusing or annoying, depending on what side of the bed you got up on. There are a few nice moments as Songbird meets the Avengers, but I would have liked her to make a more significant contribution on her first adventure with the A-Team.

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