Thunderbolts: A Shock to the System (2005)

Just buds, from New Thunderbolts 8

"A Shock to the System" (2005/07/01) from New Thunderbolts 8 (July 2005)
Reprinted in New Thunderbolts: Modern Marvels

Reader Rating: Above Average

Summary: In the main storyline, Speed Demon (in his old Whizzer costume) helps the Shocker pull a heist, then double-crosses him and swipes the money for Abe to use to finance the T-Bolts. Blizzard tries to stop the theft, and ends up both praised and bruised for his efforts.

In addition: The team suffers a humilating victory -- tripping over themselves to defeat Batroc's Brigade (including Zaran and a new Machete), their bacon being salvaged only by the overwhelming arrival of Genis. Some complex technobabble is provided to explain Genis-Vell's new look. Songbird visits Dallas Riordan, seen for the first time in her new job with the "Division of Superhuman Operations" of the Homeland Security Agency. Monica Rambeau catches wind of Genis' new codename. And Namor the Sub-Mariner demands that Chen Lu "stop the heinous plague he unleashed" upon Atlantis!.

Comments: A breezy and fast-paced delight, highlighted by Tom Grummett's exhilirating high-speed action scenes.

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