Thunderbolts: New Thunderbolts vs the New Avengers

In homage to Avengers Special 2, from New Thunderbolts 13

"Ditch" New Thunderbolts 13 (November 2005)
"Made Perfect" New Thunderbolts 14 (November 2005)
Reprinted in New Thunderbolts: Right To Power

Reader Rating: Above Average

Summary: The T-Bolts have a brief run-in with the new Doctor Spectrum, whose powers mysteriously fail her. Then...

Looking for a way to place some controls on the New Avengers, the CSA blackmails the Thunderbolts into giving them a spanking. The T-Bolts plan their ambush well and take the A-Team down hard. The New Thunderbolts are Atlas, Joystick, Photon, the Radioactive Man, Songbird, and Speed Demon. The New Avengers are Captain America, Iron Man, Luke Cage, the Sentry, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman.

Blizzard and MACH-IV are recruited by the Fixer to "help save the world". Working for the CSA: Henry Pym (Ant-Man), Carol Danvers (Warbird), Dallas Riordan, Peter Gyrich...and Baron Zemo.

Continuity: Dallas and Erik discuss their past, confirming that, in restoring his Atlas powers, Erik took away Dallas' ability to walk. Zemo makes first mention of the "Guardian Protocols."

Comments: The CSA's plan is a hard sell and the script never quite makes the case. The Thunderbolts fight dirty, which proves both effective and convincing.

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