Thunderbolts: Supreme Power!

The All-New, All-The-Same Squadron Sinister, from New Thunderbolts 16

"Does Anyone Remember the Squadron Sinister?" New Thunderbolts 15 (January 2006)
"Supreme Power!" New Thunderbolts 16 (February 2006)
Reprinted in New Thunderbolts: Right To Power

Reader Rating: Average

Summary: The power prism of the new Doctor Spectrum finds itself in the hands of Alice Nugent. As the new, new Doctor Spectrum she joins forces with a new Hyperion and sets out to reassemble the original Squadron Sinister by recruiting Nighthawk and Speed Demon.

Spectrum's new band has a new, but familiar sounding, mission -- to save the world by ruling it -- and takes on the new name of Supreme Power. When the Thunderbolts crash the party, Speed Demon leaves with Supreme Power...and Songbird invites Nighthawk to join the T-Bolts (Atlas, Joystick, Photon and Radioactive Man).

Continuity: Erik visits with Dallas, who shows him a recreation of how Conrad died -- or "even if he somehow survived, he'd be trapped in the Darkforce Dimenion." Not coincidentally, MACH-IV, Fixer and Blizzard visit Henrique Gallante (aka Asylum), a lunatic with conduit access to the Darkforce Dimension. Speed Demon teases Joystick, stealing her top and setting himself up for a smackdown-to-come. Doctor Spectrum explains that Supreme Power's abilities stem from a Wellspring of Power.

Alice Nugent's assumption of super-powers is a fun little behind-the-scenes Easter egg, as Kurt Busiek originally intended for her to be the Crimson Cowl. See "What If...Kurt Busiek Had Unmasked the Crimson Cowl?"

Comments: A solid story with a few great scenes, but the slapdash Rick Leonardi art just makes it too hard to follow.

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