Thunderbolts: Bad Blood

Showdown with the Swordsman, from New Thunderbolts 17

"Bad Blood" New Thunderbolts 17 (March 2006)
Reprinted in New Thunderbolts: Right To Power

Reader Rating: Above Average

Summary: In Russia, the Swordsman releases Wolfgang von Strucker from a preservation tank and reveals that he is von Strucker's son, Andreas. The two are interrupted by the arrival of Zemo, who duels with Andreas to pressure him into accepting the Swordsman role. Zemo finally offers von Strucker a partnership -- "someone suitable to become the King of the World -- so that I can take away their crown!"

MACH IV, Fixer and Blizzard draw a seemingly irrational being out of the Darkforce Dimension.

In the wake of their HQ's trashing by Supreme Power, the remaining Thunderbolts (Atlas, Joystick, Photon, Radioactive Man and Songbird) relocate to Nighthawk's upstate ranch.

Continuity: Zemo explains that he put the Purple Man up to the task of transforming Andreas into the Swordsman. Revelations: Zemo caused von Strucker's escape pod to crash following Strucker's escape at the end of "One Step Forward..." (2005/01/01); Andreas has maintained the use of his mutant powers by wrapping the handle of his sword in the dried skin of Andrea's body.

Comments: A great bit of Thunderbolts writing that resolves old questions while establishing new ones. A humdinger of a swordfight, too, with a very satisfying conclusion.

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