Thunderbolts snap! from Cable/Deadpool 25 "Living Legends" Cable/Deadpool 25 (February 2006)

Reading Rating: Above Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: Captain America is sent to Cable's floating country, Providence, to see what Cable is up to with a warehouse full of recently acquired, illicit high-tech gadgetry. Deadpool shows up briefly.

Continuity: The Fixer is seen in a single photograph, meeting with Cable. The script suggests that the meeting took place about two months prior to this adventure. It's convenient to place it shortly after Bert's meeting with Deadpool in "Thirty Pieces" (2005/02/02).

The Thunderbolts' recent fracas with the New Avengers is discussed in a one-panel flashback. Cable warns Cap about the cameras that were hidden in Avengers Tower during the battle.

Comments: This Nicieza kid does a nice job of writing comics in which would-be world conquerors rationalize their actions as good deeds. I wonder where he practices...

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