Thunderbolts: Thirty Pieces

Fixer chills, from Cable & Deadpool 11

"Thirty Pieces - A Story in Two Parts" (2005/02/02)
"Predator & Pray" Cable/Deadpool 11 (February 2005)
"True Confessions" Cable/Deadpool 12 (March 2005)

Reader Rating: Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: Let's take a crack at this: Cable was foiled in a recent attempt to save the world -- but he did manage to show every mind on Earth the path to salvation. Or something. Nearly killing himself in the process.

It seems that the only way to save Cable is, merge a "techno-organic" alien embryo with his body. (Ew.) Deadpool tracks down the Fixer, and they fight some before Fixer takes the job.

Now, on the verge of death, Cable sucks the Six Pack (Anaconda, Constrictor, Domino, G.W. Bridge, Hammer and Solo) into a mad mental tea party that looks like a cartoon.

Did I mention Nick Fury? A.I.M.? Modok?

And there's Agent X -- he's been hired to kill Cable, but what he really wants is to get his pancreas back from Deadpool, and...

Oh, I give up.

Continuity: Fixer's gotten a nice place in South Beach, Florida. He recalls early meetings with Deadpool: "You started the detonation sequence on that molecular annihilator and I had to figure out how to stop it"..."We fought Captain America in St. Louis and that diarrheic viral agent was released over Busch Stadium"..."Dr. Bong deflated every implant in L.A. and you had to help me re-inflate them all". No indication when -- or if -- these meetings actually occurred.

Shortly after this adventure, Cable comes to Fixer for help on a project of his own, which will be revealed in "Living Legends" (2006/02/01).

Comments: Patrick Zircher and Udon knock themselves out on the art -- the "cartoon" style art sequences are kind of amazing. Author Fabian Nicieza is working really hard, too, I guess, but I'm just not living on a sympathetic plane with the gross-out anarchy of his script.

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