Thunderbolts: The War at Home

Celebrating 100 issues of the unexpected

"The Whole Hole" New Thunderbolts 18 (April 2006)
"The War at Home" Thunderbolts 100 (May 2006)
Reprinted in New Thunderbolts: Right To Power

Reader Rating: Average

Summary: The last days of the New Thunderbolts. Photon's powers are freaking out, and Zemo is determined to kill him to protect the universe. Zemo's squad of MACH IV, Fixer and Blizzard is abetted by Man-Killer (powered up with Pym particles), Moonstone (comatose but puppeteered by Zemo) and Blackout (dead, but animated by imprisoning the Smuggler inside him). Songbird leads Atlas, Joystick, Nighthawk, and Radioactive Man. The Swordsman crashes the party, as well.

Dallas and Peter Gyrich watch from CSA HQ. The epilogue reveals that Zemo and Songbird have been colluding to manipulate the New Thunderbolts all along...and appear to be romantically involved!

Continuity: Zemo explains how, in trying to save Photon following Atlas' attack ("One Step Forward", 2005/01/01), he screwed up Photon's powers such that Photon, if allowed to live, would inevitably destroy the universe. Photon's essence is distributed through time. According to Zemo, "He will not return."

We thought that about the Smuggler, too, though, and he is recovered from the Darkforce Dimension.

Comments: Cluttered, with unusually stilted dialogue (especially in the extended second half). The final view of Photon is unnecessarily disturbing, and the Zemo/Songbird tryst comes completely out of left field.

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