Uh-oh, again! from Thunderbolts 101 "Why Ask Why?" Thunderbolts 101 (June 2006)
Reprinted in Civil War: Thunderbolts

Reader Rating: Above Average

Summary: While checking on her team, scattered around the world in Zemo's "folding castle," Songbird recalls how she became romantically involved with Zemo. Melissa confesses to the Radioactive Man that she is feigning love for Zemo because the closer she gets to him "...the easier it will be to kill him!"

Conrad tells Erik that he joined the Redeemers in exchange for a promise of amnesty for Erik. Nighthawk is fired. Appearances from Blizzard, Fixer, Joystick, and MACH-IV. Flashes of potential futures include Moonstone and Captain America.

Continuity: I confess, the way that Conrad tells the story is not quite how I remember it. Melissa's flashbacks occur between Avengers/Thunderbolts ( 2004/03/01) and "One Step Forward" ( 2005/01/01). Zemo points out that Joystick does not need her gauntlets to generate her energy truncheons, and provides the (non)explanation that Joystick is "the living, breathing embodiment of action."

Comments: A good recovery from the clunky hundredth issue and an almost-convincing explanation for Melissa's affair with Zemo (although Zemo's side remains unexplained). Nice fill-in art from Dave Ross and Cam Smith.

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