Battle of the blabbers, from Cable/Deadpool 29 "The Domino Principle Part 1: For King and Country" Cable/Deadpool 28 (May 2006)
"The Domino Principle Part 2: The Politics of Fear" Cable/Deadpool 29 (June 2006)

Reader Rating: Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: Domino arrives in Rumekistan, where Deadpool is supporting a rebellion determined to topple the country's ruler, Flag Smasher. Cable and Citizen V are working behind the scenes.

Continuity: Citizen V "corrects the mistake" he made when he installed Flag Smasher as Rumekistan's ruler ("The Everlasting", 2002/04/01).

Comments: It's hard to make an interesting comic about what is essentially a political struggle, and a couple of good fights can only help so much.

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