Round 1, from Thunderbolts 102 "Rush" Thunderbolts 102 (July 2006)
Reprinted in Civil War: Thunderbolts

Reader Rating: Above Average

Summary: Zemo and the Grandmaster put their first pawns in play in their race to locate the Wellspring of Power. Speed Demon and Joystick take turns knocking around the Brotherhood of monks who protect (and worship?) the Wellspring, then knock each other around as well. Joystick breaks Speed Demon's legs and strips him of his powers.

A flashback to Joystick's childhood reveals that her father was a compulsive gambler -- and loser -- who did too good a job of teaching Janice to look out for herself.

Nighthawk rejoins the Squadron Sinister -- Dr Spectrum and Hyperion. The Fixer, MACH-IV and the Radioactive Man work with Zemo, who reports to Gyrich and Dallas.

And Joystick is shown to be secretly working for the Grandmaster. Yikes.

Continuity: Joystick reveals that she has always been as fast as Speed Demon -- and now is even faster.

Comments: Have you noticed how superheroes never have happy childhoods? Joystick's flashback is revealing...and her showdown with Speed Demon is a knockout.

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