Last Thunderbolts standing, from Thunderbolts 109 "Beyond Redemption" Thunderbolts 109 (February 2007)
Reprinted in Thunderbolts: Guardian Protocols

Reader Rating: Average

Summary: On a metaphysical journey through the shards of the moonstone, Songbird encounters Karla, Zemo and Hawkeye.

Continuity: Abe's MACH-IV armor, Blizzard's freon suit and Smuggler's costume are "totally fried" by the wellspring energies. Erik's sacrifice leaves him giant sized, but with his ionic energies gone. A small portion of Erik's energies are returned to Dallas, allowing her to walk again. Abe and Bert accept jobs working with the CSA as tech experts. Joystick is sent to the 42 prison. Moonstone, Radioactive Man, Songbird and Swordsman agree to work with the Fifty State Initiative.

Dialogue in "The Last Defenders" (Erik Josten/Next) will reveal that Erik is restored to his normal size by researchers at Camp Hammond, but benched as a superhero because his size-changing abilities remain unstable.

Comments: Fabian Nicieza wraps up his years-long stint on Thunderbolts with a story that provides a showcase for his frustrating narrational style, wraps up most loose plot threads, and tries just a little too hard to provide a smooth transition to the upcoming Initiative reboot.

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