Clint on the verge of yet another costumed identity, from New Avengers 30 "Revolution" New Avengers 27-31 (2007)

Reader Rating: Average

Summary: Ronin -- Maya Lopez -- is brought under the thrall of Japanese ninjas led, apparently, by Elektra. The New Avengers come to her rescue, abetted by a new Ronin -- Clint Barton!

The New Avengers include Iron fist, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) and Wolverine. In flashback, they battle the Mighty Avengers: Ares, the Black Widow, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, the Sentry, the Wasp and Wonder Man.

Continuity: Clint rejoins the M.U. proper with his third costumed identity. The final scene reveals that "Elektra" is actually a Skrull -- the first revelation of the Secret Invasion (see 2008/10/01).

Comments: The story is solid and action-packed, although the constant switching off between past and present is pointless. Leinil Yu's art is scratchy but expressive. It's just a bit hard to swallow the ease with which Clint takes on hand-to-hand combat, after so many years of fighting from a distance.

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