Breaking Point "Breaking Point" Thunderbolts: Breaking Point (2007)
Reprinted in Secret Invasion: Thunderbolts

Reader Rating: Average

Summary: Songbird's mother (presumably Mimi Schwartz, but unnamed here) shows up at Thunderbolts Mountain. At first she appears to be seeking reconciliation, but Melissa soon realizes that her mother is just trying to use Songbird's newfound popularity to make a quick buck.

Melissa throws her mother out, and later learns that she died in an auto accident. Did momma Mimi drive drunk because of her argument with Melissa? Did Norman Osborn kill her to stop her from blabbing details of Melissa's past? Did Moonstone manipulate events to diminish Songbird's growing poplarity? Or (D) All of the above?

The team includes Penance, The Radioactive Man, The Swordsman and Venom. The T-Bolts battle Brother Nature and The Jury (Bomblast, Firearm, Sentry, Wysper).

Comments: Melissa's scenes with her mom are interesting and effective, but the story suffers from choppy plot development and weak art. At least we get to see the team fighting effectively.

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