International Incident "International Incident" Thunderbolts: International Incident (2008)
Reprinted in Secret Invasion: Thunderbolts

Reader Rating: Above Average

Summary: After discovering that a band of genetically altered thieves are the creations of Arnim Zola, the Thunderbolts head off to Zola's Chinese lair to stop him. The Radioactive Man is of two minds about this, as he has just learned that his home country does not want him back because they fear his destructive capacity. The Swordsman, meanwhile, has his own agenda: Convincing Zola to do what Norman Osborn won't -- clone his sister.

Moonstone, Penance, Songbird and Venom are along for the ride.

Zola's international band of mutates call themselves Chu Jung, Imo Miri, Feng Po-Po and Wagner.

Continuity:The Swordsman's deal with Zola will pay off in "Secret Invasion" (2008/10/01).

Comments: A thoughtful script from Christos Gage blends nicely with Ben Oliver's art to provide a superior Thunderbolts one-shot. The action mixes well with Chen's and Strucker's conflicting, convincing motivations.

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