Harry's back from the dead -- uh, I mean Europe, from Amazing Spider-Man 545 "One More Day" Amazing Spider-Man 544-545, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 24, Sensational Spider-Man 41 (September - November 2007)

Reader Rating: Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Low

Summary: When his Aunt May is shot, Spider-Man makes a deal with the devil to save her life. In this case the devil is manifest as Mephisto, and the deal is to undo Peter Parker's marriage to Mary-Jane.

Peter wakes up to find himself single, living with a hale and hearty Aunt May. Nobody knows Spider-Man's secret identity -- and Harry Osborn is alive!

With appearances from Dr. Strange and Iron Man.

Continuity: Following Mephisto's reweaving of reality, it turns out that Harry Osborn did not die back in "Best of Enemies" (1993/05/02), but has spent the last several years overseas, "in rehab." It's unclear whether Harry was ever married to Liz Allen and whether Normie Jr. exists. Norman Osborn does not appear, but the story is important to his critical path as he regains his son and loses his knowledge of Spidey's secret identity.

Comments: Caught between the desire to tell stories of an unmarried Peter Parker and the need to maintain continuity, Marvel editorial resorts to the most blatant devil es machina contrivance ever.

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