Zemo makes a quantum leap, from Zemo: Born Better 3 "Born Better"
"Slaves to the Past" Zemo: Born Better 1 (2007)
"Better to Have Loved and Lost...?" Zemo: Born Better 2 (2007)
"The Inevitable Truth" Zemo: Born Better 3 (2007)
"History in the Making" Zemo: Born Better 4 (2007)
Reprinted in Thunderbolts Presents: Zemo - Born Better

Reader Rating: Average

Summary: Infused with temporal energy, Zemo quantum leaps through time, meeting each of the 12 previous Baron Zemos. In modern times, a graduate student named Wendell Volker is studying Helmut -- and murdering anyone with Zemo blood.

Continuity: All of the previous Baron's are named and given distinct personalities and histories. Zemo ultimately returns to the present, to Castle Zemo, and to a vaguely defined partnership with Volker.

Comments: Fabian Nicieza's and Tom Grummett's final Thunderbolts collaboration looks good and reads okay, but it's a pretty feeble story. Zemo's time-hops don't amount to much, while Volker's crusade against "Zemo blood" is both unpleasantly bloody and too easily stopped.

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