Thunderbolts: The Count

Fish fry, from New Thunderbolts 9

"The Count" (2005/08/01) from New Thunderbolts 9 (August 2005)

Reader Rating: Above Average

Summary: Chen Lu has sent a radioactive agent into Atlantis. He is targeting the terrorist agents of At'La'Tique, but the agent is killing innocent Atlantians as well. Namor insists that R-Man stop the plague, but R-Man's politics prove complex -- and not entirely in line with the goals of the Thunderbolts. Appearance from Tamara Rahn.

Meanwhile, Monica Rambeau comes to town to debate with Genis about the name "Photon". And Songbird's investigation of Genis' metamorphosis leads her into the clutches of the Purple Man and the Swordsman.

Comments: A nice fill-in art effort from Cliff Richards supports a script that is thought-provoking and a little creepy. The story title ("The Count") is inadvertently omitted from the book itself.

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