Not Hawkeye, from GLA 2 "Dismembership Drive" (Scene) GLA 2 (July 1995)

Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: On a membership drive for the GLA, Flatman stops by Thunderbolts HQ where the Swordsman is lurking.

Continuity: Page 10 only. There isn't enough evidence to place the scene more precisely, but this vignette occurs while the Thunderbolts are away from their HQ. The Swordsman insists, "I'm NOT Clint Barton! I'm not even a SUPER HERO! I'm a mind-controlled killer who could GUT you at any moment!" And that still wasn't enough to stop the wishful thinking of the Internet posters.

Comments: The GLA: Misassembled limited series is a riot. Inept heroes, third-tier villains, a series of brutal and hilarious deaths -- and Squirrel Girl! Highly recommended.

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