Thunderbolts: Purple Reign, Part One: Of Mice and Maze"

Stringed instruments, from New Thunderbolts 10

"Purple Reign, Part One: Of Mice and Maze" New Thunderbolts 10 (September 2005)
Reprinted in New Thunderbolts: Modern Marvels

Reader Rating: Average

Summary: Songbird and the Swordsman find themselves on the run from virtually all the citizens of Manhattan, who are under the thrall of the Purple Man. As the T-Bolts arrive on the scene, Killgrave manipulates them into battling one another, bringing to a head his plan to rip the team apart.

Continuity: Songbird reveals that her voice is fully healed and that she has regained all of her Screaming Mimi powers. The final panels see everything fade to white...and reform in the House of M reality.

Comments: It makes logical sense that The Swordsman could take the T-Bolts apart like this, but the presentation is uneven, with the team inexplicably taking him on one at a time. There are a couple of terrific moments, notably Songbird's windows-shattering Black Bolt impersonation, and the fabulous panel where Killgrave steps from his car and proclaims, "All of you have to do what I tell you to. You might think that becomes boring after a while, but doesn't!" Although, honestly, DOING it may not becoming boring -- but listening to Killgrave DRONE ON about it sure does.

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