Thunderbolts: First Contact A hero reborn! From Captain Marvel 1

"First Contact"
"Halftime" Captain Marvel 0 (January 2000)
"First Contact" Captain Marvel 1 (January 2000)
"Does a Hulk Sit in the Woods?" Captain Marvel 2 (February 2000)
"One Down, Wendigo" Captain Marvel 3 (March 2000)
"Other Side of the Drax" Captain Marvel 4 (April 2000)

Reader Rating: Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Medium

Summary: The bad news: An evil independent filmmaker has lured Rick Jones' wife, Marlo, to the Canadian wilderness, where he reveals himself to be the new host for the monstrous Wendigo. The good news: Genis-Vell and Rick are on her trail. The bad news: Captain Marvel's ability to fight is hampered by utterly realistic delusions. The good news: The Hulk's on hand, too. Or, no, wait...that's bad news, isn't it?

With appearances from Moondragon and Drax the Destroyer.

Continuity: Genis-Vell and Rick have been bonded for awhile now, but this is their earliest documented adventure together. Moondragon explains that Genis-Vell's delusions are actually views of alternate timelines caused by his overactive cosmic awareness. Skip the last couple of pages of "Drax", which lead into a different storyline.

Comments: Peter David's loopy take on superheroics is fast-paced and pretty funny, but it's all a little self-aware for my tastes.

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