Thunderbolts: Nothing to Lose He's mean, he's green, and he's nuts - from Captain Marvel #3

"Nothing to Lose" (2002/10/01)
"Shards" Captain Marvel 1 (October 2002)
"Shock Absorber" Captain Marvel 2 (November 2002)
"Pamavision" Captain Marvel 3 (December 2002)
"Uriah" Captain Marvel 4 (January 2003)
"Au Pere" Captain Marvel 5 (February 2003)
"Four Characters in Search of Creation" Captain Marvel 6 (March 2003)

Reader Rating: Average; Thunderbolts Interest: Low

Summary: Overwhelmed by the burden of his father's legacy, Genis goes nuts. He teams up with Entropy, the "son" of Eternity, to destroy the universe. Rick Jones keeps company with Entropy's sister, Ephiphany, in the Microverse.

Continuity: Genis joins the Kree army for a bit, gaining a new, more military-style uniform.

Comments: Peter Davis really likes to let Genis live the same moment several times. Here, he uses the technique to effectively pull the rug out from under the reader. I appreciate the philosophy and don't mind the Crisscross art, but the slapstick comedy and self-aware dialogue repeatedly pull me out of the story. For those of you keeping track, this is the third story in two years in which the universe is destroyed and recreated -- and that's only in Thunderbolts continuity!

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