From Avengers/Invaders 1 "Old Soldiers, New Wars" Avengers/Invaders 1 (July 2008)

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Summary: While in New York City on the trail of Spider-Man, the Thunderbolts encounter the time-traveling Invaders.

The T-Bolts are Moonstone, Penance, Radioactive Man, Songbird, Swordsman and Venom.

The Invaders are Captain America and Bucky, the original Human Torch and Toro, and Namor the Sub-Mariner

Continuity: T-Bolts continuity starts on page 9 and continues through page 20.

It's hard to pin down exactly where this story fits in sequence. Songbird seems to be acting as field leader, but Penance clearly has not gained the confidence that he will show in "Relentless" (Baldwin/Next) -- so I have placed it prior to that.

The Invaders are time-traveling as the result of a Nazi experiment, although that's not really important from a Thunderbolts perspective.

Plot: Alex Ross & Jim Krueger; Script: Jim Krueger; Pencils: Steve Sadowski

Comments: It's the Invaders' book, so they win the fight. The layouts make it pretty hard to figure out how, though.

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