Relentlessly good "Relentless" Penance: Relentless 1-5 (2007-2008)

Reader Rating: Above Average

Summary: Robbie Baldwin uses (a) his power, (b) his wits and (c) information stolen from the Thunderbolts Mountain databases to: (1) Outwit Moonstone, Osborn and the T-Bolts; (2) Outfight Wolverine; (3) Steal a fighter jet; (4) Invade Latveria to demand concessions from Dr. Doom; and (5) Have it out with Nitro. Appearances from Iron Man (Tony Stark), The Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, The Human Torch, The Invisible Woman, The Thing) and Dr. Stromm the Robot Master.

Lots of chatter from Osborn and Sofen. One weird, somewhat out-of-place scene with Venom. Brief appearances from the Radioactive Man, Songbird and the Swordsman.

Comments: I'm vastly uncomfortable with the whole self-inflicted pain=power metaphor that drives the Penance character. But Relentless is so godsmackingly intense -- it's portrayal of Penance is so excellently empathetic -- that the dark violence is forgiven.

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