Caged angels and devils, from Thunderbolts 116 "Caged Angels" Thunderbolts 116-121 (2007-2008)
Reprinted in Thunderbolts: Caged Angels

Reader Rating: Average

Summary: A quartet of psychics allows themselves to be imprisoned so that they can stage an assault on the team from inside Thunderbolts Mountain: Radioactive Man looks on while Moonstone plays video games, Venom starts eating the guards and the Swordsman stages a coup. Songbird and Osborn, back in his Green Goblin outfit, knock each other silly. Meanwhile, Doc Samson pays a visit with Penance and Bullseye recovers from his injuries. The psychics are Blue Streak, Caprice, Mindwave and Mirage.

Continuity: Doc Samson recalls to Robbie: "The first time I met you, it was one of those occasional disasters we all get drafted in for...It was one of those things where, you know, Galactus had come to make us all into socks or something..." Prior to this story, the only recorded event that involved both Samson and Speedball was, coincidentally, the battle with Graviton from "Beyond Redemption!" (2001/11/01). Not exactly Galactus, but possibly the meeting to which Samson jokingly refers.

Comments: There is no questioning Warren Ellis' skill with dialogue but he could sure stand to add a little economy to his storytelling. He takes the oh-so-familiar mind-control-reveals-our-true-desires story and stretches it into six full issues. Padding comes in the form of gratuitously extended scenes of carnage and destruction. I like Mike Deodata's art, but either his imagination is working overtime or Melissa has gotten a boob job.

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