Trouble Looms, from Moon Knight 21 "The Death of Marc Spector"
"The Death of Marc Spector" Moon Knight 21 - 25 (2008)
Scene friom "Running the Asylum (Part 1)" Thunderbolts 122 (2008) *
* Reprinted in Secret Invasion: Thunderbolts (2008/08/01)

Reader Rating: Average

Summary: When Iron Man and SHIELD fail to bring in Moon Knight, the CSA sics the Thunderbolts on him. Politics and bickering add to Moon Knight's natural elusiveness, but ultimately the Knight realizes that the only way he can escape pursuit is to arrange his own death.

During a two-week lull in the hunt for Moon Knight, the T-Bolts battle Swarm.

The Thunderbolts are Bullseye, Norman Osborn, Penance, Radioactive Man, Songbird, Swordsman and Venom.

Continuity: In the opening scene from "Running the Asylum", Osborn notes that Bullseye has not yet been back out on assignment. That places the scene prior to the second half of the Moon Knight arc when, in fact, Bullseye is set on Moon Knight's trail. The "Asylum" sequence easily slips into a two-week gap written in between Moon Knight 22-23.

Although Songbird is now field leader, Moonstone is given the lead on the hunt for Moon Knight -- perhaps because of its high profile.

Comment: The art and writing are just competent to begin with, but the giveaway title makes the story arc's finale utterly predictable.

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