Opposites Attack, from Amazing Spider-Man 570 "New Ways to Die"
"Back with Vengeance" Amazing Spider-Man 568 (2008)
"The Osborn Supremacy" Amazing Spider-Man 569 (2008)
"The Killer Cure" Amazing Spider-Man 570 (2008)
"Opposites Attack" Amazing Spider-Man 571 (2008)
"Easy Targets" Amazing Spider-Man 572 (2008)
"Weapons of Self Destruction" Amazing Spider-Man 573 (2008)

Reader Rating: Above Average

Summary: On a Brand New Day, Spider-Man's new threats include:
* The Thunderbolts (Bullseye, Norman Osborn the Green Goblin, Radioactive Man, Songbird and Venom) in New York on a Spider hunt
* Menace, a Goblin-like villain with mysterious ties to Norman and Harry
* Anti-Venom, the latest monstrous incarnation of Eddie Brock
* And the new, improved Scorpion

Osborn uses the Freak in experiments to find Anti-Venom's weakness.

Continuity: The T-Bolts operate out of Osborn Manor. Norman gives Mac the Scorpion costume that he turned down in "The Last Stand" (2005/03/01).

Comments: Jam-packed, fast paced fun, nicely drawn by John Romita Jr. Anti-Venom and the new Scorpion are are brilliant combination of hilarious and deadly.

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