Desperate monsters - First and second printings of Thunderbolts 110 "Faith In Monsters" Thunderbolts 110-115
"Desperate Measures" Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures
Reprinted in Thunderbolts: Faith In Monsters

Reader Rating: Average

Summary: Several months after the Civil War, Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts are seen operating out of Thunderbolts Mountain Colorado for the first time.

Osborne guides the new T-Bolts in a series of attacks on unregistered superheroes: American Eagle, Jack Flag, Sepulchre and The Steel Spider.

Moonstone takes the lead but does not user her powers. Songbird is demoted, but begins making her own plans to keep "her" team from being turned into a "monstrosity." Gargan has trouble adapting to the Venom symbiote. Swordsman reveals that he has made a deal with Osborn to clone Andrea. Radioactive Man wears his new suit to please Osborn, but remains friendly with Songbird.

Desperate Measures fits between chapaters 3 and 4, and puts Bullseye and Penance in the field against Americop.

The finale of "Monsters" finds Bullseye electronically paralyzed when he tries to escape.

Comments: Warren Ellis demonstrates a surprisingly good grip on the characters and a general understanding of continuity (although it's not clear why Songbird needs to be pardoned again), but the six issues are mostly a series of disjointed scenes, with no real story arc or flow. The Desperate Measures one-shot is inferior in every way.

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