Pictures courtesy of  Ryo_Chan


Name: Donatello

Sex:  Male

Birthplace:  Manhattan, New York City, New York

Species:  Mutant Turtle

Eyes:  Brown

Weapon of Mastery:  Bo Staff


This all depends on which universe your looking at, so I will give you a brief History.

Donatello was one of four baby turtles accidentally mutated after falling into a sewer.  The turtles were adopted by a rat called Splinter. He trained them in the art of ninjitsu, in the hopes that they would one day avenge the death of his master Yoshi. 


Donatello is often seen as the more thoughtful and technical of the group, he loves nothing more then to fiddle with electronics. He has demonstrated skill both in inventing and computer hacking.  Not much is known of his true character as Donatello prefers the path of the quiet thinker.  He is surprisingly spiritual and would rather use words to gain peace then action.  But do not let this fool you, as he is a skilled and determined fighter. 

My Views:

The shy one.  Donatello prefers his own company, sometimes despairing at his brothers antics.  Probably the least 'explored' character in the group, although there seems to be an ongoing trend to now type cast him as gay! After all, it is always the quiet types.  Donatello has a strong sense of family, even though he tends to shy away from them most of the time.  He one day hopes to find that their 'creation' was more then mere chance, but a case of destiny and fate.



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