Pictures courtesy of  Ryo_Chan


Name: Raphael 

Sex:  Male

Birthplace:  Manhattan, New York City, New York

Species:  Mutant Turtle

Eyes:  Brown

Weapon of Mastery:  Twin Sai


This all depends on which universe your looking at, so I will give you a brief History.

Raphael was one of four baby turtles accidentally mutated after falling into a sewer.  The turtles were adopted by a rat called Splinter. He trained them in the art of ninjitsu, in the hopes that they would one day avenge the death of his master Yoshi. 


The lose cannon , it is without a doubt that Raphael is the most emotional member of the group.  His moods are hard to judge and he often blows hot and cold within the space of a few minutes.  Raphael's character has to be the deepest of all the turtles, he has a strong anger, which remains a mystery even to those closest to him.  He hates to be restrained by rules or any kind of  authority, this has caused many a problem between himself and Leonardo.  Raphael masks many of his true feelings, he has a softer side that he does not like to show to his family.  Maybe he sees this as a weakness or a flaw in his personality.  Do not be fooled this front as he has a strong sense of honour and his loyalty knows no end. 

My Views:

Raphael is indeed a hot bed of emotion and mystery, but I find that this makes him the most interesting of  all the characters.  I do like manly believe that his 'anger' front is a type of defence that he has built up around himself over the years.  Raphael believes more so then the others that their 'creation' was a fluke and this has some how eaten away at him.  Not feeling able to share his feelings as feely as the others, he has turned in on himself, seeking the only person he deems 'trustworthy'.



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